How the Sun kissed the Moon

In the thoughts of a child: 

Something is not quite right …?! 

I am with Daddy during the day, and Mommy gets me during the night. 

I sleep next to her until the morning, and I am back again with Daddy. 

They say goodbye and that’s it! 

They do not separate appropriately! 

But they don’t even come together! 

This is what happens every day! But why? 

They love each other very much! I know this! 

It is clear! 

They look at each other every morning, every night – deeply filled with tenderness and love!
But how is it that they avoid to even embrace each other for goodbye? 

They have to take care of me and they do not have time for themselves, day after day! 

During the day Daddy is shining on me, and in the night Mommy is quietly singing!  

They do everything for me; it’s time I did something about them! 

I am already a grown person; I can take care of myself! 

I will prepare a surprise for them and I hope Daddy will embrace Mommy!… 

* * * 

And so the day has passed and the night quietly started her approach. The sun held the boy, and the boy was happy and quietly smiling to himself, trying to not give himself away and for his dad to not find out about his surprise. 

The Moon started approaching; she and the Sun were about to give their goodbyes to one another, and just as they were about to say goodbye, the boy got them both by the hands and quietly told them: 

Mommy, Daddy! I have some work to do! Please wait until I come back in a moment! 

The Sun, the Moon, without thinking about it, have remained on their own. They held their hands and it was all rose-colored! And the boy, hidden, watching them, was thinking to himself: 

This magical minute is for you! 

To exchange this tender kiss! 


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