Jack’s band

Jack was famous for his impy temper. Even when he was chosen for a guardian, he never lost the child in himself. And how would that be possible? Otherwise who would play with the kids in the winter days, if not him? Long time ago Jack was a great raskal. He gathered all the kids together and organized games, fun and belligerency. Children adored him, because among other things, he protected  them and cared for them, all the time. He was their paraclet, a godfather.

Jack was very talented in what he did, because he acted with great dedication and purity in his heart. Once in another game on a frozen lake, he sacrificed his life to save one kid from falling into the deep icy water.

When the Moon saw this dedication, she chose Jack for a hero and bred him with superpowers, which he now possessed. Just so, due to his abilities he crossed long and wide with his magical shepherd’s hega to entertain the children and to protect them. He was also responsible for the cold coming and the rise of the winter.

Jack was in love with the Moon, he was in love with the Sun. One day he felt a deep need in himself to honor them stronger. He wasn’t good at writing, also in singing. He was a frost painter and ice sculptor. Anyway, he was doing that all the time… he wanted to do something more special.

During the time he was wondering, a mellow melody was encompassing gently around Jack. He became curious. It was coming from a nearby house. A girl was playing a piano there.

The music was dispelling the wintreness.

Jack was flushing in excitement. That was so charming. He realized that the music is exactly what is needed for his respect to be shown.

But how would he be able to do it in his own way?

He possessed superpowers to create the most glamorous frost figures. He was dextrous to stop and play with the time, he was able to give rise to so much amazing, fairy, snow landscapes, but how would he play on a musical instrument? His cold fingers were not  capable of that.

Jack knew – he should first calm down and relax, then all the answers would come.

It was 5pm and the Sun was just setting. Jack sat comfortably, easily and under the shine he immersed himself into a deep meditation.

The golden, radiant light was warming his face. The last warmthlet of the day transformed everything into a treasure.


The snow on the ruffs here and there literally dissolved in the sweet huggy carries.

The water went down in a quiet praying. It reached some of the edges and flew down as silver tears. They dumped down in lucid puddles here and there.


It seemed that the sound of dropping water was increasing. Jack listened to it… and dived deeper in this melody…

– That’s it! – he said

– That is my music!


He gradually went out of his blissful state of calmness, then intensified his goodwill to assemble a music band.

Jack wondered where he should start from.

He needed a moderate dank place with soft sunlight, which wouldn’t shine the entire day. And a good acoustic, of course! Very specific.

He traveled to many places. Different caves, waterfalls and rivers, but never found all these needs together.

He decided to ask the Wind. He had been touring more. He had been scraping all the mountains day and night.

Jack unfold his wooden hega and formed a little, frosty hurricane. The Wind immediately undertook it and started a game with it. He whirled the funnel and started a wizzle. Jack laughed, greeted his dear friend and ask him:


– Tell me my old friend! Where to find that place?


The Wind never spoken. He blared  in a rolling excitement. He communicated in a finer manner. He never used sounds to pronounce words. He interflowed with Jack and merged with him together.

The Wind took Jack’s mind far, far away into a small, beautiful country. He led him along the path of water, where it was lost in the bowels of the earth and where it sprang from it. Jack had never seen the water cycle this way. He knew it was true, but for the first time he was aware of it.

The Wind brought him to a special place. On a huge monolith rock. It was like a part of an array, but in the plain. It looked like a “sprouted” mountain in the field.

The rock had torn off some of its “flesh” thousands of years ago. Thus, a huge spherical slope had formed at the foot. The heart of the rock was soaked with the purest and youngest water. She was playful, looking for ways to get out. It sprang from several places in the lowland, forming small rivers. She poked through every crack and wet her huge mother. So the whole slope was moistened and soaked with small streams of water. It’s dripping down there. Beautiful green mosses and ferns hung like gardens from it.


This is the place! The wind was clear.

Jack sat down and waited for the water.

He carefully iced the whole slope so that the vegetation did not freeze. Little by little the droplets began to accumulate under one another.

The moon was wondering all night what he was doing… and he was silently smiling, preparing his surprise. In the morning, everything was ready. It took Jack the entire night to turn the water into beautiful and large icicles.

The place was in the shade during the day, just as Jack wanted it. He was waiting for that special moment – the golden hour. The Sun would then see his work. The heat of the day helped the icicles to begin melting, and Jack stopped to cool them down.

It was also the first rehearsal … The Jack Orchestra was ready, waiting only for its conductor – the Sun.

As the gold star slowly circled the edge of the slope, it began to peek inside, trying to understand why Jack was hiding there.

And he smugly waited patiently. Everything was prepared.

When the rays began to touch the icicles, they sparkled like gold gems and began to melt even more. Water dripped gently from all sides. Jack danced with joy, all the “musicians” were playing in tone. Some drops were large, others small, and they fell into tiny pools, others in larger. The sound of each icicle was different. Yet somehow they all dripped and “played” in tone.

The Sun was in awe. Jack was in awe and the Moon would be…


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