Perut Stoneface and his paramour

Perut and Aqualia had been a couple since they were young. 

They loved each other so much  

Ever since they saw each other for the first time, they recognized in one another this particle that made them complete in this life. 

They were ready with their lessons in life and it was time to make their contribution to the world.

They studied life here on Earth, and life here on Earth is so interesting and so dynamic. Sometimes tender and pleasant, other times – cynical, even vulgar. Compassionate, caring and as a contrast – aggressive and cruel. Filled with love and hatred, filled with sadness and happiness. 

“How is this possible? It can’t just be that!” both Perut and Aqualia wondered… “What’s the reason for all that suffering?”

It was not long after that the two of them realized that this is just the surface of the ocean and that the truth lies deep and beyond. 

But how could they be part of everyone and live in truth at the same time? 

This was their search, their road… 

In unity, they discovered how to be part of this world and at the same time not live in it. 

Aqualia and Perut walked the lands and disseminated this knowledge among the people. Thousands of smiles blossomed everywhere they went, but there was a lot of work to do  

It was years later that they started to work with people and society on this fine level, on the inside, from the heart and the soul, and even beyond that. It was not necessary to even meet them. 

They meditated for hours, days, even for weeks. 

More work would always, always come up. The world always found a way to mess things up. 

Despite all the chaos in the world, they were determined to devote their spirits and lives to the common good. 

The two of them sat down, back to back, near the sea and meditated. Several days went by, but they hadn’t move an inch. 

Their bodies shone in the sun and glowed in the moonlight. Everything around them was entwined in unison with their bodies  

They united with Nature, they continued to help it and help everything in it. 

Aqualia merged with the ocean, and Perut turned into a huge rock in the middle of the water. So waves would crush around the rock and little by little they dissolved it into the ocean. 

It is said that when the rock was fully washed away, then peace would reign. All of the karma would have been finalized, and the two lovers would merge into infinity and be done with their service on Earth. 

This is how they would never separate and would never stop helping where help was needed. 

The stone hugged the water and the water gently sculpted some openings and held him tight, held him in her tight embrace for quite a long, long while. They danced together, they raged and they enjoyed themselves. Sometimes it would look that they were crying or arguing, but that was only a reflection of the issues they solved spiritually on Earth.

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