Tears of the fog

Pure gold!
So much!

Eyes cannot catch it…
Gazing and trying to sketch it…
But nope! They can not!
Neck rotates in any site, eyes to see…
Glitters everywhere! “How can it be!?”
Eyes burn from intense pleasure bitten,
from the golden blinks are smitten.

Tears of Fog

Gold does not grow on tree!
Or you just cannot see?
What if your mind is free?
Money gives you bit of joy only for a while,
the sweetness coming from your inside makes your smile!

Autumn gilts the leaves with gold.
If the soul is mature, aware and bold,
it recognizes and says “Hold!”.
If it’s blind will just skip,
and keeps roving in its mental dip.

Flying leave, this gold…just goes…
And touches the ground, repose..
One by one the timber gently coat.
Forest’s breath warms the steams to float.

The Fog reaches the very top of all the trees,
to invite their golden kids, the leaves…
In an gentle flight,
with Mommy just to have a sight,
in the boundless Heart to be inside.
At home in the cuddling nest,
ready for an everlasting rest.
Afresh in spring, to be a forest guest.

The breath is a fog of a peerage,
covers gold in a hug of deity marriage.
The leafs weight down – drops of dew transparent.
Slide aspired in a song of present.
Finally, with the Earth they blend!
Surrender in the Creator’s mighty hand.

Tears of Joy…

Down, life on ground quenches it’s thirst,
raising up the autumn’s mushroom first.

Golden silence…

…this image is a part of “Forgotten” series.

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