Welcome to my dream!


Not too strong, but it’s summer and it’s now a little colder outside. 

All around us – bare and stony glades. 

Dry grass and evergreen thorns. The thought wanders, exhausted! 

Where is my home? 

Refuge! Refuge! Where is my temple? 

Let’s find shelter! 

Come on, we have to find my sanctuary! 

There! We can see the end of the fields. 

We walk with vigor!… 

A storm is coming!… 

Calm down! Look at the sky! 

It is grey, yeah! 

It will be over soon, though! 


We’ve reached the forest! 

A coniferous forest. 

It is so clean! 

The rain no longer feels like that! 

It is soft! The ground is covered with dried conifers, colored in rust. 

We are barefooted. But walking does not hurt. 

There is no path! We’ll forge one through! 

It is quiet! 

Only the droplets ripple lightly. 


A long-awaited rain. 

It intensifies all smells! 

Incense forest! 

Is that is? 

Is this my temple? 

It smells like a temple, but does it? 

It is still raining! 


Wait! Listen! 

Do you hear it? 

I hear water! 

Let’s walk on further, let us find it! 

You and I, we step out of the forest with an obeisance. 

We will preserve the memory of the sweet smell, the silence and the beauty for a long, long time! 


Animal path! 

It will lead us! There! Follow it with your own eyes! It reaches the shore! 

I see the blue sea! 

Just a bit more and we’ll be there! 

This must certainly be my temple! 


The terrain is difficult! 

I hope the shore is better!… 

Just a few more steps there it is! 

Oh, no – it’s even worse! 

It is high! It is rocky, it is flaky, and it is steep! 

We will walk, step by step! 


Barbs! Stone daggers! 

They prick and injure our feet. 

Watch out! 

We’ll make it! 

We see the water – the dark-blue water! 


We move quietly, but we gain more confidence as we do. 

I slip and you slip too, we fall down and get up again, staggering, but still walking! 

We wander around as toddlers, learning how to walk. 

With time – we will learn! 

We’ll learn how sharp life can really be! 


Everything breaks down here! 

The very road we walk upon is crumbling, and there’s no path forward! 

The ground is crushed into large chunks! 

Everything in ruins! Total annihilation! 

Stones broken, cast aside! 

Bare, sharp and dry! 

Huge rocks stuck in the ground as they had struck it! 

But look! 

Trees! Coniferous! Evergreen! 

А new beginning invariably follows every end! 

A new life, awoken in catastrophe! 

Everything is changing! 


We reach the water! 

Blue depths! Clear scary and unknown! 

As far as your eyes can see! 

The infinity of life! 


You still remember the storm, do you not? 

Rain! It intensifies! 


A lightning flashes! 

And thunder is about to roll! 


Look how everything changes, vibrates and rotates! 

Even here, at World’s end! 

Bustle, the sound of action! 


Where is my road? 

Where is my temple? 

How do we find it? 

Let’s enter the water! 

We barely leave the thorny coast. 


I look below water! 

Watch out! Look at all these black hedgehogs, perched on the rocks! 

They are everywhere! 

It’s a true luck that we have not hurt ourselves! 

Let’s go in, leave the coast behind us! Let’s run away from the rain above us! 


How many fishes! 

But why are they looking at us in such astonishment? 

They’re not even running, they approach us instead! They know we will not hurt them! 

Look at that there! 

Yellow coral! 

And the fish inside it! 

Now that’s what I call a wonderful home! Or is it a temple?! Draw breath! Let’s look at it again! 

And it looks back at us in great astonishment! Some weirdos, trying to swim! They’ve got no air left in their lungs, but they want to act like fish! 

I’m freezing! 

Are you freezing, too? 

The water is so cold! 

Let’s get out, then! 

There! There is a small forest! 

There we shall hide from the rain 

We had forgotten about it for a moment. 


Here, dry yourself! 

There is a towel in my bag. 

Here below, under the crowns of the small forest, it’s not raining as hard. 

We are already feeling better; we are almost dry, warmed up! 

I wonder where this temple is. 

We are in nature! Away from the city! 

Where should we look for it? 

It’s true that my head is quieter, now, but still! 

Let’s look beyond! 

We’ll see here!  

We will wait! 


Winnie the Pooh said: 

Sometimes I just sit there and I think. Other times I just sit there! 

Let’s listen to this wise bear! 

Relax! Close your eyes! 

Don’t worry about the weather! 

I know it will not rain for a long time! 

It will all change, there, I said it, right? 

Soon, very soon, the sun will shine on us! 

As every morning, sunshine chases the darkness away, and it always comes back after rain! 

Even though it may be bad, things change! 

Not tomorrow – it will all be better in a bit! 

And so the rain rained on us, the cloud thundered and everything stopped to a halt. 

Open your eyes! 

The sun turned all the silver into gold and now it glitters all around! 



The night starts approaching from the east and stretch out toward us. 

But it’s not silver, rather it is platinum that gets added to the alloy! 


Hear waves splash! 

Against the sharp rocks! 

That caress them! 

This is the skill of life! 


See! The water turned into sapphire! 

This is a mirror for my soul – well, is this not an inner peace? 

I would be hidden already! I have always been! I will always be! 

Body home! Mind owner! And the road – the road is within me 

My Temple has been found! 


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