When Kosi and Merula met each other, they were very young. They did not know what they wanted with their life, but they did know for sure what they did not want. 

Everyone their age was talking about the same thing and was excited by the same things. Back then, there was a lot of excitement about popularity and attractiveness, as it is now 

Most people wanted to have. Just to have things. Just, whatever was trending at the time. The moment they had it, immediately it stopped being interesting. 

How well-know, right  

This feverishness repulsed the young couple, although they did fell prey to it on multiple occasions. 

When you are very young, you don’t have to care about a lot of things. Mommy and daddy bring you food, and you just have to open your mouthyou have a place to sleep and that is it 

Everyone heard that one day they had to leave their mother’s nest and they had to make it on their own, but somehow this worried neither Kosi, nor Merula. They knew they’d be together, the two of them, all along the road. Not everyone thought like that. Many of their peers looked as if there have never been kids. They acted like adults and they turned even games into wars. 

What is the difference between a game and a war? 

The game is just for fun  

The pure souls of our couple suffered a lot from this distortion 

A lot of time went by and their bodies matured. Their minds still wandered. Everyone wandered, few understood they did. Kosi and Merula realized their own confusion and they kept looking for their own place, defending themselves from the others, who proudly declared and stood their ground. 

There’s no game in all of this! 

There has never been any! –Kosi replied. 

But this does not prevent us from living and playing our way  

So much time, so much energy spent in something, which is insignificant, let it be simple and pleasant, exactly as a child’s game  

The young couple frequently talked about such topics. 

A lot of hard times passed, until they discovered the road toward themselves. 

Namely, the road toward the tranquility of the Mind. 

No one accepted their methods and behavior, because everyone “knew” well and “understood” everything. 

Why did nobody enjoy themselves? 

The two lovebirds kept seeking and continued on the way they felt inside themselves. 

So this is how they found about a lot about nature and a lot about themselves. They planted the seeds of amiability and compassion, happiness and disconnect from the rapacity of the senses. They developed an approach to not become aggrieved by the avarice of the people around them. They developed their intellect and the connection with their hearts deep down inside of them. 

Their life started to blossom. The difficulties of everyday life turned into frivolous games, with Kosi and Merula being among the best of players. 

Their example, however, was still insufficient and the others disbelieved them. The others kept digging into their former perceptions. They were surrounded by dry branches, which tore at them. New and wiry branches emerged. Once and again, the wiry new branches stood in the way of the roads well-travelled and well-known …  

How long can we last like that? 

Everyone is on their own path, but where does it lead it? What sort of a path is it, if it does not lead you home? Where is home, even? –Kosi kept wondering. 

Home is inside you! It’s inside us! Merula replied, huddled next to him, in their warm nest. 

Close your eyes and see! All of this! This beauty! Submerge yourself in it and wake up! 

The forest is no longer scary; it’s no longer dark or thorny! It is wonderful and enchanted and endless and sweet! 

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